To live life rather than just survive it...
Be Present in your body…
Be Relaxed in your mind…
…You’ll find you are already who you are seeking.


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12a.Talk on Intention and Knowing

Richard explores how, in order to practice meditation effectively, two things are required. A Clear Intention and a Knowing of what you want to use.

12b. Meditation – Going Deeper

Richard cycles through the sequence of the three essential Life Qualities that are at the heart of this practice. Presence, Softness and Heart. He gently takes you deeper.

13a. Talk – What’s it all about?

Richard explores, with the aid of stories and a sketch, the dynamics of spiritual awakening and how to allow it.

13b. Meditation – Coming Home

Richards guides you in this meditation to that place of “homecoming” where we are not separate from ourselves.

14a. Meditation on Releasing the Habit of Outer Identity

Richard takes you past your habit of identifying yourself with who you think you are and invites you towards your essence.

14b. Talk – The Habit of Outer Identity

Richard talks about our habit of hiding behind our various identities and encourages us to take the journey back home.

14c. Meditation – Here Am I

Richard finishes the series with this simple guided meditation back to the fullness of who you are.

15. Meditation – Stillness of Creation in You

Richard guides you into a contemplation that leads to the busy mind relaxing into the stillness of Creation