To live life rather than just survive it...
Be Present in your body…
Be Relaxed in your mind…
…You’ll find you are already who you are seeking.

Personal sessions with Richard

Are you in a crisis? Is it medical, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, or energetic?

See this link for more ideas about reasons for a session with me.

These are a few reasons people come for sessions, of course there are more, but if any of these apply to you then a session with me will help. A path of understanding and healing will follow. Following that support will be given to help you to steer your new course.

How? There are what I call the two wings of awakening and healing to bring wholeness into your life.

Healing allows for the constraints of life to be untied. Enquiry brings understanding. A simple practice to support this, like five minutes of stillness or five minutes of movement, nourishes the change and supports the opening.

Healing – when we are injured, emotionally, mentally or physically, this impacts the energetic body, which contracts reducing the flow of life force and that impacts our immune system.

When someone comes for healing they want X to stop. But for that to happen requires three things, enough energy in the system to move it, the cause of the problem to be released, and then X can be healed. Without enough energy in the system, there is no umph for change. If the cause is not touched, X keeps on happening. With these two things out of the way X can be released. That is the wing of healing.

But because we are beings addicted to habit, we need something to wake us up out of that habit, in order to now, choose something different, something not of the past, but that arises out of our compassionate heart and creative being. To do that we need the Wing of Awakening, meditation, enquiry and movement bring us to that place.

When someone wants to learn to meditate, they are so busy learning to meditate that that in itself is a problem. However, we are already that which we seek. The fact of meditation is a stream of being in our body/mind that we simply have to allow. Short bursts bringing the power of this knowing gradually into our life is the best way.

When someone wants to learn a system or sequences of movements and exercises they are trying to copy the moves. And yet if you think about it each formal movement was once discovered, as it were for the first time. It came out of the mystery and then became an exercise. So the secret of formal movement is to understand that in this formal movement is the mystery of discovery, and that truth is what touched us and nourishes us.

The mind is an exquisite tool and also a cruel tyrant. If we could hear the voices that we unconsciously follow we would be shocked. Imagine listening to a voice that whispers in your ear, every 30 minutes that you are unlovable, or ugly, or stupid, or worthless what happens to our self worth and sense of place? But then continue that voice for 24 hours. Then continue that voice for a week or a month or a year! Imagine then if you continue that voice for a decade or two or three, what effects do you think it will have? Healing and enquiry are tools for unpicking this untruth and finding the current truth by which we can live our life more fully.

I hope this gives you a simple idea of why and what I do can help you. If it twinkles then get in touch.


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