To live life rather than just survive it...
Be Present in your body…
Be Relaxed in your mind…
…You’ll find you are already who you are seeking.


Because we are so focused on our minds, what we think is really important. If you have been telling yourself for four decades that you are stupid, that makes a difference. It wears you down and you believe it and position yourself in life accordingly. But we never asked ourselves, “Is that really 100% true?” We just, probably because of one shaming incident, have been telling ourselves this our whole life. Is it really true? Are we totally stupid? Of course not! So here is a gap in belief that allows for us to admit we are not ALWAYS stupid and that sometimes we are wise. From here self-respect and empowerment flows.

But the mind is also a tool for expressing our truths not just our negativity. It is a way of finding out what we really know about ourselves rather than what we have been told we are.

So to ask the question of yourself, where do you give yourself away? offers an opportunity to focus on specific areas of your life where this problem occurs. We can then, through the four Principles and through perhaps meditation or healing, find a way of bringing ourselves back into this part of our life.

In the hurly burly of life, where there is no time because of the demands of business or family, we do not know what is important to us. We have no time to feel as different changes are happening to us and around us. To have a moment and be asked the question what is important to you now? is very healing and empowering.

In a safe and supportive environment, the chance perhaps with questions, or simply a space to share what matters, we come to understand a problem and with that comes the knowing of what to do about it.

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