To live life rather than just survive it...
Be Present in your body…
Be Relaxed in your mind…
…You’ll find you are already who you are seeking.


Can healing help me and how?

Yes it can! Energy or Life Force is the foundation of being well and is a natural part of our makeup. This has been known throughout the centuries and is once again gradually becoming acceptable in the West. You might think about it like this: when the flow of our life force is compromised or blocked, this has a negative effect on our health. By directing a flow of healing energy towards these places of constriction, the restriction is unwound and released, restoring the natural balance to the system.

What causes these restrictions?

It can be as simple as an injury which has not been fully healed or embraced. It could be some past emotion which has been ignored or suppressed. It could be genetic, a family trait passed down through a way of thinking, which eventually takes its toll. Each restriction affects our body in a unique way and manifests that weakness in a particular organ or in susceptibility to a particular illness.

What does a healing do?

It flushes out the dense fears, emotional issues, conditioning and energetic debris which hold our ‘stories’ within the cells of our body and energy system. These blocks are gently released, allowing more of the light that is a reflection of our truest nature to be revealed. Our perception of reality thus begins to shift, unwinding tensions, releasing inner pressure and therefore promoting physical and emotional health – this is holistic healing.

How does it do that?

The better the bridge to the source of healing the better the healer. A healer has potent and loving frequencies at their disposal. An Advanced Metatronic Healer can have up to 60 different healing energies which can be used in any combination to meet a huge number of needs. An advanced Vortex Healer has deep bridging into divine mystery allowing them to undo the knots of conditioning and support the energy or renewal.

What does a healing session entail?

First you may discuss what you wish the healing focus to be. For example, it may be an area of contraction, tension or body issue you have been experiencing. Or it could be a difficult situation, relationship or recurring pattern in your life that you feel it’s time to heal.

You may be asked to lie down to receive it, but you can just as easily receive it sitting if this is more convenient. There is no need to be touched if you don’t want to be. However a light touch of support can be healing in itself.

Booking a session

The initial session lasts 90 minutes, giving you time to:

  • ask any questions you may have
  • discuss individual needs
  • experience the healing to see if it suits you and you it

To book a session please get in touch via:
m: 07766278475
t: 01989740590